Wooden Inlay Titanium Rings

Titanium is a good alternative to the usual precious metal rings such as gold, palladium or platinum. Although Titanium is not considered to be a precious metal, it is extremely light and strong. It's corrosion resistant and also more affordable - it's a good alternative for men who work with their hands. Titanium does not have a high-gloss finish as attributed to precious metals. Titanium also can't be resized - it's simple not playable enough so take care when ordering that you are 100% sure of your ring size. If however you're looking for a ring with more material value, then gold, palladium and platinum might be a better option for you.
We are able to manufacture Titanium Rings according to your personal preference - whether it's a plain band, combining it with a precious metal or something more organic like a wooden inlay.

We can custom manufacture Titanium Rings. Contact us for more information.


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off centre wood ring using titanium base and wild olive wood