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Services we offer:

Jewellery Manufacture.

We manufacture our jewellery by hand and pride ourselves on delivering a very high level of quality. Whether you want a unique engagement ring or simply a gift that comes from the heart, contact us to arrange a personal consultation.

Our goldsmiths have won multiple national and international awards and are ready to take your dreams and make them a reality. We will take your inspiration and fashion it into the perfect masterpiece.

Many people believe that having a unique piece made will cost more than simply buying it off the shelf. This is not true: we limit our overheads by choosing not to have retail premises which results in much lower costs.

Read more about the benefits of hand made jewellery.

Jewellery Repairs and Refurbishment.

Do you have a ring that you are sentimental about or has your wedding ring seen better days? Our highly trained staff can make it look brand new. We have the right equipment and training to ensure your precious jewellery is treated with the respect and delicacy it deserves. We can replace a lost stone or fix a broken link. We'll polish it and bring the brightness back.

We can also re-create something in a different material. If your engagement ring is silver and you would like to upgrade it to a gold or platinum engagement or wedding ring, we can recreate it while retaining the overall look and feel.

Read more about our Sentimental Jewellery Services.

Ring Sizing.

Time takes its toll on us all. If your ring no longer feels comfortable due to unforeseen circumstances, let us re-size it for you. We'll do this without compromising the structure of the ring and if need be - check and secure any precious or semi-precious stones.

While ​silver, gold, palladium and platinum rings are relatively easy to re-size, titanium is simply too hard and therefore can not be re-sized.

Read more about Titanium Rings. 

Retail Jewellery Services.

Do you have a retail jewellery store and would like to offer your clients the opportunity to design their own engagement and wedding rings? We often work with retailers who don't have the ability to manufacture jewellery themselves but would still like to offer superior quality. Our prices are very attractive, leaving you enough room to offer your client fair value. Contact us today and find out how we can help you.

We can also assist you in designing a unique range of jewellery only available at your store.


Many insurance companies require that an insured piece of jewellery be valued every two years. Make sure that you are not under or over-ensured as this could have negative implications should you need to claim. Our highly skilled and trained staff will be able to re-evaluate your jewellery making sure you are correctly covered.

If you simply want to know what your jewellery is worth or if you need a formal valuation for insurance purposes - give us a call.

Gold Exchange.

Do you have any old jewellery that you no longer wear? We will buy it from you. We buy gold, platinum, palladium, diamonds and coins. Turn your old gold into something brand new.

Read more about our gold exchange services.

Benefit from favorable exchange rates and lower manufacturing costs. Coupled with lower raw material and diamond prices ensures our international clients get the best value ....


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