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Things to look out for when choosing a diamond for an engagement ring or diamond ring.

Things about diamonds that jewelers don't normally tell you.
Truths and myths to keep in mind when buying an engagement ring or diamond ring.


Not all diamonds are created equal. Whilst searching on the internet you probably found that the things to look out for when buying an engagement ring or diamond ring is the color and clarity of the stone. While this is very important, jewellers can make a diamond sound very nice by presenting a diamond with a good clarity and color. You might be thinking that you're getting a good deal but the truth is, the diamond has no life or brilliance when the cut is incorrect.
Diamond polishers will try and get as much out of a stone as possible and that often means giving it a sub-standard cut. This way the specs of the stone appears bigger and better but the reality is that the stone is worse off.

Diamonds with the same size, color and clarity don't always cost the same - this is where the cut comes in.
Badly cut diamonds are often sold cheaper than good quality stones and they are available more frequently. It's easier to make money if you buy a diamond so much cheaper - this doesn't mean that it's the right thing to do.

If you're unsure, please speak to someone in the know - we will gladly assist you in making the right choice for your engagement ring or diamond ring.

When we manufacture an engagement ring or diamond ring, we only use diamonds that have been properly certified and diamonds with a good cut.


This is another factor that seldom gets explained to client when buying an engagement ring or wedding ring.
Florescence in a diamond can either make the diamond appear better or appear worse. Mostly it appears worse.

If a diamond has a lot of florescence, it makes the diamond appear milky. This in turn hinders the flow of light through the diamond and causes the diamond to loose it's "shine".

In few cases, if there's faint or moderate florescence in a diamond, it can actually make the diamond appear as a better or whiter color as indicated on the lab certificate.

In most cases, the lab certificate will mention the florescence of a diamond under the "comments" section of the certificate.


When a diamond is certified through an independent authority, it gives you further security of the diamonds authenticity.

Unless you're buying a diamond that clearly falls outside of the normal color/clarity range, make sure that you insist on an independent lab certificate when buying diamonds over 0.50cts in weight.

Diamond specifications can vary from one authority to the next as it remains the prerogative of the valuer to establish the color, clarity and various other aspects of the diamond.

Remember to speak to someone in the know about the CUT of the diamond and look out for any "comments" on the certificate.


If size is an issue and you want the biggest yet cheapest diamond you can find, then consider what we call an "Abnormal Diamond". These diamonds are considerably cheaper than your standard run-of-the-mill type diamonds. They either have very sting undertones of browns and yellows or fall off the scales in terms of clarity. With the right setting, these diamonds could look good in the right engagement ring or diamond ring. You will however sacrifice quality for size.
Talk to us for more information about these diamonds.


Unfortunately man-made or treated diamonds are becoming more regular and is considered to be unethical and in some instances highly illegal. When a jeweler offers "naturally" blue or pink diamonds, you have to question the authenticity. Blue and pink diamonds are extremely rare and expensive although it is possible to find an engagement ring or diamond ring with these highly sought after colors.

For more information on diamonds, please feel free to contact us.

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