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Engagement Ring, Diamond Ring

Are you sentimental about jewellery you don't wear?

We can use the same gold and diamonds in your new remodeled design, ensuring the precious memories live on ...

Sentimental jewellery is deeply personal and holds within it important aspects of one's life events. 

The ability to carry emotional connections rests at the heart of sentimental jewellery. Unfortunately, fashion often dictates whether a person wears this jewellery or not. If you have sentimental jewellery that has been passed down to you either from a loved one, or as a family heirloom, but don't wear it, this is the perfect solution for you.

We have the ability to use your gold and diamonds to create a piece, either resembling your sentimental jewellery, or something that merely contains the same materials. By redesigning your jewellery, you're able to pay tribute to your loved ones by actually wearing what was given to you.

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