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What are black diamonds?

What are black diamonds?
Black diamonds are gaining popularity at an alarming rate and more people are opting for an engagement ring or diamond ring with black diamonds - find out why below ...

The fact that they absorb light rather than refract light is the most distinguishable trait. Although they are real diamonds, their internal structure consists of polycrystalline. It's still a pure form of carbon crystal called "carbonado".
Naturally black diamonds are rare and quite expensive.
Most black diamonds on the market today are treated to a certain degree to achieve a uniform black look.
Due to it's composition black diamonds are notoriously difficult to cut and softer than white diamonds. This is clear when inspecting the intricacy of a polished white diamond vs the cut of a black diamond.

You're creative and outspoken by nature and want to have an engagement ring or diamond ring with a black diamond instead of the traditional white diamond. Black diamonds are the natural alternative choice to white diamonds.
Often seen as more masculine, black diamonds are commonly used in mens wedding bands without being too "bling".
Combined with white diamonds, the contrasting aspects allow for a jeweler to create interesting and unique designs.

Recent marketing has put black diamonds in the spotlight and due to it's popularity the price is steadily rising. The cost of black diamonds has almost doubled in the last few years.
While black diamonds are still considerably cheaper than white diamonds, the increased cost in traditional white diamonds are forcing people to revert to black diamonds.

We have a wide selection of black diamond engagement rings and diamond rings.

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