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The hot new Fingerprint Ring range allows you to completely customize a plain wedding band and make it totally unique to you.

Your Fingerprint is totally unique to you so your true love deserves noting more than a totally unique wedding band. Why would you buy a wedding band off the shelf when you can have a one-of-a-kind.

We have chosen Titanium as our Fingerprint Ring Material.

To read more on the pros and cons of Titanium click here ...

It's a relatively easy process.

We need a high resolution scanned fingerprint sent to us with your order.

To ensure we have a good quality fingerprint, we suggest that you fill a page with multiple fingerprints before scanning and mailing it to us. Grab an ink pad from your local news agent or stationery store and make as many clear fingerprint impressions on the page, taking care not to smudge the fine lines.

                                      We can also add any number of custom design features onto the ring to further enhance the look of the ring.

                                                            We can engrave your fingerprint on the inside of the ring or the outside of the ring.


                                            Standard Fingerprint Rings: R1950

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