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We also buy old and broken jewellery. Remember that the state of your jewellery does not determine the value. The raw material gold, silver or platinum value remains the same.

Price Guarantee?

We understand that you want the best possible price for your goods. If you get a better quote elsewhere, please feel free to discuss it with one of our sales consultants. You are important to us and we will do our best to assist you and beat any quote within reason. Contact us for details.

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Simply Sell

​Just want to get rid of jewellery you don't want or need? Or need some extra funds?

When selling your old gold or jewellery it's important to use a reputable source with sufficient knowledge and understanding of the industry. We have professional jewellers that are able to test your gold and pay you according to the carat and weight.

How it works?

Step 1:


We can set up a meeting at a location convenient for you or alternatively at our offices. We have roaming agents, making sure that we cover all areas.​

Note: Our agents will always contact you first, making sure that you know exactly who you'll be meeting.

Step 2:


Our professional gold buyers will verify the quality, karat and weight of your jewellery, making sure that you are aware of the entire process. Our aim is to educate our clients.

Step 3:


Once we've valuated your gold and old jewellery, we'll pay you cash. Gold prices are generally determined by the global gold spot price and fluctuates daily. For "out of the ordinary" large sums, we'll do an EFT and verify the transfer inside the bank.

What we buy?



Turn this ............ into ........... this

​Are you sentimental about jewellery or is what you have out of fashion?

Sentimental jewellery is deeply personal and holds within it important aspects of one's life events.

The ability to carry emotional connections rests at the heart of sentimental jewellery. Unfortunately, fashion often dictates whether a person wears this jewellery or not. If you have sentimental jewellery that has been passed down to you either from a loved one, or as a family heirloom, but don't wear it, this is the perfect solution for you.

We have the ability to use your gold and diamonds to create a piece, either resembling your sentimental jewellery, or something that merely contains the same materials. By redesigning your jewellery, you're able to pay tribute to your loved ones by actually wearing what was given to you.

Get your jewellery free?

If the raw material value of your old jewellery is worth more than the materials and manufacturing costs, you get your new jewellery for free or you could even build up a credit.

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Turn OLD to New

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