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Can a Titanium Ring be cut off in an emergency?

There's a common misconception that a titanium ring cannot be cut off in case of an emergency.

Many people believe that your finger will have to be cut off instead of cutting through the titanium ring. Whilst titanium is an extremely hard and strong material, it can still be cut or broken. It's much harder than gold, silver or any of the precious metals but can still be made into a ring by a jeweler with the right tools. Just as a jeweler carries the right tools to create a titanium ring, emergency services and hospitals carry the right tools to easily cut through titanium. The fact is that they can cut through a car when they need to - a titanium ring is no problem. As far as we can tell, there is no reputable account of a finger being removed because of a titanium ring.

Most Jewelers either do not sell titanium and even if they do, they aren't knowledgeable enough to give you the correct advice. They would rather sell you a gold ring or platinum ring which costs a lot more - it just makes business sense.

We didn't make up our own conclusions but instead put it to the test. We contacted a few local emergency services and got their opinion on the matter. The answers were unanimous - while it's harder to remove than a gold or silver ring, it's still possible to remove. Who would you believe - a jeweler who works with titanium rings or one that doesn't?



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